Best Job Search Engines

Gone are the days of finding a job via the classified section in the newspaper, do you remember that? If so, searching for jobs online may seem unnatural. If you aren’t familiar, then the choice of which job search engine to use may be overwhelming! Whatever the case may be, here is a list of the best job search engines of 2019. Each search engine has a unique selling point, depending on what your needs are.



New Jobs Added: 9.8 positions added per second globally.

Unique Monthly Visitors: 250 Million new users.

Their mission from their site:  At Indeed, our mission is to help people get jobs. We have more than 7,400 global employees passionately pursuing this purpose and improving the recruitment journey through real stories and data. We foster a collaborative workplace that strives to create the best experience for job seekers.

Great For: This platform is perfect for the job seeker that wants to do a quick search. The website is easy to use and understand. If you upload your resume to your account, recruiters will have access to your contact information. This makes the job hunt a little bit easier. You can also apply directly to jobs and some employers now have quick tests you can take to show off your qualifications.



Unique Monthly Visitors: 64 Million.

Job Listings: 11 Million and counting.

Their mission from their site: To help people everywhere find a job and company they love.

Great For: This site is great for job seekers who want more information on their potential employer. Glassdoor is known to have a huge database of salary information and reviews straight from current and past employers. Combine this with a robust job search engine and you’ll have better clarity when applying for the company you want to work for.


LinkedIn Job Search

Current Members: 500 million.

Their mission from their site: The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Great For: This site is a career oriented social media platform. You can create a social profile, listing your skills, experiences, and employment history. Once you make connections with people you know, endorsement for certain skill sets will be vital to the hiring process. 



Members: Over 7 Million active job seekers per month.

Employers: Over 10,000 new companies subscribe each month.

Cool Stat: Over 1 Million employers hired ZipRecruiter job seekers.

Their mission from their site: Our mission is to help people.

Great For: You get access to real salary data through searching by position and location. This is a huge tool for you to use when negotiating for higher salary.


Sign up for every site if you please! There’s no reason to limit yourself from being exposed to the millions of employers online. If none of these sites are appealing, visit Zety for a whole list of 30 job search engines and find your match.


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