Career Motivation

In the work place, it’s easy to become a slave to the daily routine, feeling like you’re stuck in the same spot. But there are ways to get yourself out of that slump, and feel refocused and motivated to be better and go further. Here are some tips to help keep you moving, no matter what career you’re in.


Setting Goals

Setting small goals and milestones to work toward are great ways to help you stay focused on your work. You can set goals daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Hitting the daily and weekly goals you set can help you get through each work day and pace yourself to be on track for the bigger deadlines or goals. When you hit your monthly and quarterly goals, reward yourself! 


Look for promotion opportunities

If you’re feeling stuck in your current role, look for advancement opportunities. The sky is the limit and you can reach as high as you want to. Ask your supervisor to sit down with you and form a plan to move up in your company. Show that you are ready for more responsibility by going above and beyond what’s required in your current position. Pay raises often accompany job promotions, so you have a little more incentive to get your work done. Be confident in yourself and work hard and you are sure to go far.


Take some time off

Sometimes it’s easy to get burnt out. Mental health is very important to performing your best. We all get stressed. When it seems like the walls are closing in, don’t hesitate to take a day to decompress and get your head on straight. By taking time to take care of yourself it will benefit your personal and work life because you will feel calmer and more capable to handle whatever challenges you’re facing. We get vacation time for a reason – use it! Whether it be a long weekend somewhere close by or a trip across the world, it’s nice to escape real life for a while and do something for you. Plus, vacations give you something to look forward to and give motivation to get your work done.

If you try a few of these tips and you still are feeling like you’re going nowhere fast or dread going to work, try something new! In today’s world, it’s okay to change careers. There is nothing wrong with browsing job listings and sending feelers out for other opportunities. Yes, it’s scary to completely change career fields, but you can prepare yourself well by doing your research for the qualifications you need to apply and what that job requires you to do.

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